Video: Winnipeg’s Jacob Trouba misses his check, falls into the boards

It's been a scary week for hockey. On the heels of frightening injuries to Dan Boyle and Niklas Kronwall, Winnipeg's Jacob Trouba had to be taken off on a stretcher after he tried to check Jordan Leopold and crashed awkwardly into the boards. Leopold dodged the hit and Trouba was sent sprawling after it appeared he tripped over the St. Louis defenseman's skate. 

The 19-year-old rookie was responsive as he left the ice.

Scary stuff. At least this injury wasn't due to a vicious hit like some of the others ones we've seen. Still, this has been an extremely ugly week for hockey. Usually we see a few instances of the stretcher being required over the course of the season, but in 2013-14 we've already seen it numerous times. Too many for comfort. Trouba's fall was a fluke, but it's still a frightening reminder of just how dangerous this sport can be. 

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