Video: Tomas Plekanec’s breakaway attempt was pretty awful

Tomas Plekanec probably wishes you didn't see that. In on a breakaway against Tuukka Rask, Plekanec failed to get a shot off, instead mishandling the puck and sending it straight to the corner boards. As if wasting a scoring chance wasn't bad enough, the Montreal Canadiens were called for "Too many men on the ice" shortly after Plekanec's embarrassing misfire. 

It's humorous hearing the commentary try to claim Plekanec was "intimidated" by Rask. Rask had moved out of his crease to try and cut down the angle, but Plekanec still should have been able to put the puck on net. To make matters worse, the Canadiens ended up losing the game by a score of 2-1, magnifying Plekanec's opportunity. 

Put the puck on net and good things might happen. Send the puck into the corner on a breakaway and tons of hockey fans will laugh at you. Well, they might not laugh at you as much as they did when Carey Price took one in the junk during warmups. 

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