Video: See what it’s like to be a hockey official

Ever wonder what it's like to be a ref in the great sport of hockey? Of course you have. Odds are good you've probably said on numerous occasions that you could do a better job than the guys wearing the stripes after they blow a call for your favorite team. Maybe – just maybe – the job isn't as easy as we might think. 

The Phoenix Coyotes placed a camera on one of the officials during a scrimmage, giving fans the rare opportunity to see what it's like to be one of the men in charge out on the ice. 

Fascinating stuff. It's kind of funny to think the officials are just like the players in the fact they also try to get pumped up before taking the ice. At the same time, this video provides an incredible look at the speed of hockey. It's actually pretty remarkable officials are able to follow what's happening given the blur of activity surrounding them. 

Think about this video the next time an official blows a call. It's not as easy as we all think.

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