Video: Pavel Datsyuk embarrasses Logan Couture

Pavel Datsyuk is a wizard with the puck. As countless defensemen from around the NHL can confirm, defending him is nearly an impossible task. Whatever you do, don't blink and don't lose your balance. 

What happens when a forward tries his hand at defending the Detroit star? We found out when the Detroit Red Wings took on the San Jose Sharks and Logan Couture slid over to guard Datsyuk.

Wow. In basketball, they'd call this an ankle breaker. In hockey, it's just unbelievable that Datsyuk is able to make a fellow NHL skater look that silly. The move was so good that it drew a Krusty the Clown laugh from the Detroit broadcasters. 

Watch this video a few times and marvel at just how quick Datsyuk's hands are. Watch it again and pay attention to Couture's skate and how incredibly wobbly he is while trying to keep up. Clearly, Datsyuk is a rare talent.

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