Video: Nazem Kadri runs over Backstrom, hits Granlund in the head

Nazem Kadri will be the talk of the NHL after he was involved in two dirty plays against the Minnesota Wild on Wednesday night. The first came as he ran over goaltender Niklas Backstrom. As if that wasn't enough, he followed it up with a hit to the head of Mikael Granlund which forced the officials to hand out a match penalty. 

Ugly stuff from Kadri. His hit on Backstrom received just a two-minute penalty for interference, but it easily could have been a match penalty on its own. He makes no effort to avoid contact and the follow-through with his arm is especially brutal.

The second incident doesn't look quite as bad as the hit on Backstrom, but it received a match penalty. Maybe the officials felt enough was enough. Either way, Kadri could have avoided this hit and instead lifts his shoulder in order to hit Mikael Granlund in the head.

We praised Kadri last season when he took his game to the next level, but we've lost some respect for the Toronto forward after his actions against Minnesota. Maybe Joffrey Lupul needs to send Kadri another message

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