Video: Lars Eller suffers a brutal injury on a controversial hit from Eric Gryba

Montreal forward Lars Eller suffered a horrifying injury after a controversial hit from Ottawa defenseman Eric Gryba. In Game 1 between the Canadiens and Senators, Eller had to be helped off with a stretcher after Gryba caught him in the head with a hit that is sure to have every hockey fan playing the role of Brendan Shanahan. 

We must warn you that the video below is quite graphic. Eller suffered a serious injury and the video reflects it. There's a significant amount of blood.

The hit occurred as Eller was attempting to collect a pass as the Canadiens worked to exit their own zone. Gryba stepped up, lowering his shoulder into the upper-body and head of Eller. The video above doesn't show it, but Eller needed a stretcher to get off the ice, continuing to spurt blood. He was taken to the hospital to be treated for injuries to the head and face. 

Gryba earned a 5-minute major penalty and a game misconduct for the hit. Does he deserve additional NHL discipline? That's the debate that's been raging through social media sites all Thursday night. 

Gryba's comments after the game, as seen in an article from, offer his side of things.

"I stepped up to make a hit and I kept my shoulder down. He received the puck. I saw the replay. My elbow was down. There was no intent to hurt him whatsoever and I hope he's going to be okay.
I'm not out here to hurt anybody. It's never a good scene or anything like that. Hopefully, he'll have a full and speedy recovery. There was no conversation with the referees. I went to the box and they told me I was gone. There was no point arguing or anything like that."
Will the NHL hand out a suspension here? Your guess is as good as ours. While we don't see an intent to injure here, we can see this argued both ways. Gryba's hit was to the head, though perhaps inadvertently. At the same time, this play could be described as a major hockey hit that had a bit of a freak injury. 
We wish Eller a quick recovery. 
UPDATE: Gryba has reportedly been suspended two games. 

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