Video: Flyers and Capitals brawl, Emery hits a defenseless Holtby

The Capitals beat the Flyers easily on Friday night by a score of 7-0, but all of the talk following this one will be on Ray Emery. The Flyers wanted to take out their frustration and since they weren't having much luck scoring goals, they decided to drop their mitts. Goaltender Ray Emery skated the length of the ice to challenge Washington's Braden Holtby. Holtby wasn't interested, but that didn't stop Emery.

What unfolded was an ugly scene.

It's uncomfortable to watch the video above. Emery decides to fight Holtby even though he wasn't interested. With the linesmen tied up with a different scrap, Emery poured blows down on Holtby even when Holtby was down and on the ice. Emery was named the third star of the game for his 23 minutes of time where he allowed four goals and punched a guy down on the ice. 

Before discussing just how disgusting Emery's actions are, you have to wonder why the Capitals didn't intervene here. Your goaltender is being beaten and it's clear he needs help. The officials are either not stepping in or are tied up, so skate over and restrain the crazed man. 

As for Emery, this is unacceptable behavior. The NHL needs to hand out a punishment not only for his instigating, but for his continuing to punch Holtby in the head while he was defenseless. If hits to the head are illegal, surely Emery'sassault deserves a suspension, right?

Roberto Luongo may have summed it all up the best:

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