TSN’s “Hangover” spoof provides hilarity before the playoffs start

It’s widely believed within the hockey community that TSN is a much better product than ESPN just on the basis of hockey coverage alone. Analysts like Bob McKenzie, Darren Dreger, James Duthie, and Aaron Ward provide the most comprehensive coverage of NHL that you’ll find anywhere. Before this year’s playoffs kicked off, the guys got together with some members of the Los Angeles Kings and created a parody of “The Hangover”. 

We could sit here and try to dissect this video, but what’s the point. There is too much awesomeness to go around. Dreger’s screaming to seagulls that they’ve been suspended for two games, McKenzie’s reaction to finding out that he has to do the show by himself, and Matthew Perry’s expression when Dreger and Duthie mistake him for Matt LeBlanc made me laugh so hard that tears were welling in my eyes. 

No matter how this year’s playoffs pan out, I have a feeling that we will be talking about this video for years to come.

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