The 5 best moments from Episode 1 of HBO’s 24/7

HBO's "24/7" is a must-watch for hockey fans. It doesn't even matter if you hate the two teams involved. The access given to us to see an otherwise behind-closed-doors universe is something we simply cannot get enough of. The first episode of "24/7" between the Leafs and Red Wings aired Saturday night, and it was a little slow. Compared to the first two "24/7" series we've seen, it was a little dull. Episode 1 didn't have a big personality,or an overall moment where something instantly becomes a meme, although the Caryle toaster incident rises.
But, still, the access is unparalleled, and HBO makes hockey look so damn good. The most interesting thing the producers did was provide the narrative of two struggling teams. You could tell both teams are a bit apprehensive, and there isn't a ton of joy on either side.
Here are our five favorite moments.

Dion's trip to work

This is HBO at its best. The first look we get at Toronto is their captain. He is getting ready for work. And, yeah, no big deal; his closet is basically Banana Republic, and he has a really hot wife. 

Phaneuf going to work had a Bruce Wayne feel. But really? A coffee mug? Someone get this guy a thermos.

Alfie's kids

Cool scene with Daniel Alfredsson and his kids. Advantage of your dad being an NHL superstar: You get to play pick up at Joe Louis.

Thought the whole Alfie angle was an interesting one. Almost a sense of whether or not signing in Detroit was the right move. But at the end of the day, the family endures. He tells one of his sons to stop picking his nose, as well, which was funny.

"Stick-handle twice and look for 13"

See? Regular NHL players aren't that much different than us. They do the same things we say we would do if we played. In a scene where some of the Wings are out to dinner, they get to talking about Pavel Datsyuk and how good he is. Kyle Quincey says about entering the offensive zone, "Stick-handle twice and look for 13."

Honestly, who disagrees?

Randy Carlyle vs. the Toaster

This was easily the funniest moment of the show. Randy Carlyle was trying to get some toast in the players lounge. It didn't go well.


As you could imagine, Leafs fans are having a field day with this. Have fun looking up Toaster + Carlyle on Twitter.

Phaneuf suspended

This is the first time a player on "24/7" was suspended, so we got a really interesting look. The play in question was this hit by Dion Phaneuf:

On the day of the suspension, we see Toronto's GM, Dave Nonis, forming his defense:

This was the best part because it showed something we haven't really seen before. Didn't know that GMs kind of build a defense for their player. We also got to see Phaneuf making his way to the GM's office to call the league before a bald guy shuts it down:

Afterward, an angry Phaneuf tells the HBO camera, "How do you think I feel?" when asked about being suspended.

Honorable mentions

Lupul and Voynov fight: