San Jose Sharks tease new uniforms

Teasing a uniform change is all the rage in the NHL. Usually the process begins with a veiled message that some sort of change is coming. Blurry, hard to decipher images are leaked out in an effort to stir up a frenzy without giving away the finished product. The uniform is eventually unveiled and it's immediately critiqued and ridiculed by the hockey community. 

We most recently we saw this exact scenario unfold in Dallas and in Carolina. You might be able to add San Jose to that list as we head into 2013-14 after the club placed a mysterious video on their Instagram account.

There's a hashtag (#TheNextWave) and a brief glimpse of a new uniform. All you can make out are stripes. There's not very much to go on here, but it's safe to assume some sort of change is coming to the San Jose uniform. Like it or not, orange appears to be involved in the overall scheme. 

Stay tuned.

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