Ryan Miller: “It’s about action at this point.”

Ryan Miller is tired of all of the talk surrounding his future with the Buffalo Sabres. Over the last several months and even the last two seasons, those in charge of the Sabres have painted several different pictures regarding Miller's future with the club. At one point it appears Miller is destined to be traded as the team rebuilds and the next it sounds like the rebuild will center around Miller. 

Following comments from Ted Nolan indicating that he'd like to keep the goaltender in Buffalo, Miller had one very telling statement seen in Buffalo Hockey Beat

It’s about action at this point. I’m not going to sit around and let promises get thrown around.

You can't blame Miller at this stage. His status with the Sabres seems to change on a weekly basis. One moment he's as good as traded and the next someone comments on keeping him as their franchise netminder. That amount of uncertainty has to wear on a player. Eventually actions have to back up all of the statements.

Miller added:

My thinking has just always been wait to see what plan presents itself. It feels like I’ve been saying that for a while, but things have shifted so much. I just feel like going back to last year I said the same thing but nothing happened in regards to my situation.

At the very least Miller is appreciative of Nolan's kind words, but he knows Nolan won't make the final decision. 

It’s nice to hear. I appreciate the gesture from somebody that’s been around hockey a long time. Again, I’m just trying to see what the plan is around here. His opinion goes a long way, but it’s going to be up to Patty LaFontaine and whoever he brings in as GM to make that ultimate player personnel decision.

Where will Miller end up? Who knows. The situation in Buffalo changes on a regular basis. Check back in a week and you might find Miller trade rumors have surfaced again. 

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