Rumor: Gretzky and Messier interested in coaching the Rangers

Ever since the New York Rangers fired John Tortorella, fans and hockey analysts have been wondering which man will step behind the bench in the Big Apple. Numerous names have surfaced as potential candidates, including those recently fired from other clubs (Alain Vigneault). Now the New York Post adds two legendary names to the discussion: Wayne Gretzky and Mark Messier. 

It's important to examine the source with these types of reports. The New York Post is an extremely unreliable source, but this topic was too interesting to pass up and it does have some connections to the world of reality. 

Messier has expressed his desire to coach in the past and he's said he wanted his first opportunity to be either in the NHL or in the AHL. While he doesn't have any formal coaching experience, the interest is there. As for Gretzky, he has coaching experience but his tenure behind the bench was a dreadful one. He coached the Phoenix Coyotes between 2005 and 2009, leading them to a record of 143-161-24 and zero playoff experiences.

The New York Post's article doesn't directly explain where Gretzky's interest in the coaching position is coming from, but they have "confirmed" that both Gretzky and Messier are hoping to land the position. 

Will this report come true? Is the report itself true? Feel free to discuss below.


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