Report: Flyers still interested in Keith Yandle

A report from The Fourth Period indicates that the Philadelphia Flyers are still interested in defenseman Keith Yandle and that the team will make a push to acquire him from the Phoenix Coyotes this summer. If this topic sounds familiar it's because the Flyers were interested in Yandle prior to the 2013 trade deadline, but the two teams were unable to reach a deal. 

Are the Coyotes interested in trading away their prized defenseman? Yes – if the price is right. 

At 26, Yandle is one of the best defenseman in the league and is an asset numerous teams would love to get their hands on. The Coyotes are still willing to trade Yandle away, but the report from TFP and some common sense indicate it'll have to be a pretty special package. 

TFP believes that the Flyers might dangle some valuable assets of their own in front of Phoenix to bolster their defense. This might include Sean Couturier or Brayden Schenn, but it's unclear what Philadelphia would actually be willing to part with. Several names have been discussed, but what's clear is that the Flyers will have to make changes. 

The Flyers are currently just over the new $64.3 million salary cap for 2013-14 and will be forced to make roster changes to free up salary. One of these changes will probably be Ilya Bryzgalov and his bloated $51 million contract which runs through the end of 2019-20. Buying out Bryzgalov will free up some space, but if the Flyers want to improve their defense they'll probably have to trade or move some other players with significant contracts. This might include Danny Briere, a player most believed was available at the 2013 trade deadline, and his massive contract which pays out $6.5 million annually. 

If this report is true, give Philadelphia credit for persistence. They attempted to grab Yandle back at the trade deadline and now it appears they'll start up talks yet again in an attempt to improve their spotty defense. 

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