Philadelphia Flyers try to set a World Record for most people watching paint dry

August is arguably the most boring month on the hockey calendar. Watching paint dry might be more entertaining than the hockey landscape near the end of summer. The Philadelphia Flyers aim to pass the time before training camp by inviting their fans to watch paint dry. Seriously. 

On August 19th, the Flyers have invited their fans on Facebook to the Wells Fargo Center as they paint the team's logo and the lines on the ice. Why? Because they want to set the World Record for most people simultaneously watching paint dry. 

After doing a quick search, there doesn't appear to be a record for "Most People Simultaneously Watching Paint Dry" in the Guinness archives. Based on that, it's safe to assume the Flyers will set a new record for watching paint dry if they have any number of fans show up. 

Hockey in August, everyone.

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