Paul Holmgren confirms Chris Pronger will never play hockey again

Chris Pronger has been removed from hockey since 2011. After a series of surgeries, post-concussion syndrome and an eye injury, the hockey world knew that Pronger's playing days were over. However, hope endured that Pronger might somehow return due to the fact he has never officially announced his retirement. 

Philadelphia GM Paul Holmgren has confirmed what we all expected with The Hockey News:

I’ll say it, Chris is never going to play again. I have no problems saying it.

The 39-year-old defenseman still hasn't made any formal announcement, but it's clear that those around him are moving forward with a large degree of certainty that his playing days are over. When Pronger discussed his lingering symptoms from his eye injury, it's pretty obvious that competitive hockey isn't in his future.

Per The Hockey News interview:

The way Pronger explains it, when most people look at the horizon, then move their head, their eyes don’t move. His eye, however is unable to hold its position.

“Mine flickers, so I get dizzy if I’m moving it too fast because my eye is going like that,” he said. “I work on all that s— in therapy and we’ll see. We’ll see.”

However, though Pronger's career on the ice is done that doesn't mean he'll be completely removed from the sport. He was present on Draft Day for the Philadelphia Flyers and offered his insight on various defensemen. Some sort of scouting, analyst or coaching position would appear to be a perfect fit for Pronger, but he hasn't made any sort of decision on what his life after hockey will hold.

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