Oops? P.K. Subban leaked as Norris winner

It seems like every year the NHL leaks something on accident. Usually it's clothing designs, like what the conference or Stanley Cup champion gear looks like. A few years ago they leaked the NHL Award Winners via t-shirts on NHL.com, because who doesn't want to commemorate Alex Ovechkin's Hart Trophy with a tacky shirt that no one will buy?

This year the awards will be held during the Stanley Cup playoffs, which means no glitzy Vegas award show with an awkward host (Will Arnett being the exception, of course). It also means probably very little commemorative merchandise. The league had to find a different way to leak out the winners, so they took a cue from government whistleblowers and just went to the media.

The media this time meaning Nick Kypreos:

Whoa. Not Ryan Suter, not Kris Letang. I'm sure that the Habs are kicking themselves about not offering Subban a little more cash or a little longer contract term – next season is his last year of his two-year deal that he signed after holding out for a long term contract at the start of the season.

Subban had a solid abbreviated season, with 11 goals and 27 assists in 42 games. He was also a +12.

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