Nashville Predators offer a unique social media experience – for a steep price

The Nashville Predators are offering a unique social media experience – if you can afford it. Based on an email team representatives sent out to fans that participated in previous social media nights, you can enjoy a new experience specifically designed for social media users.

Here's what you get: Two tickets in the "Ice Box" (Section 108) where you'll sit at ice level at a high top table, complete with power plugins for your laptop or phone. You'll also receive a Game Day media credential, a pass to eat the pre-game media meal, one parking pass, and the ability to attend the post-game press conference.

So, what will all of this cost you? Try $1,000

You had us interested – until we saw the price. 

After checking Nashville's site, we found that tickets in section 108 near the ice run somewhere in the neighborhood of $200 a seat, not counting taxes/fees. Granted, those seats won't be at a tall table with power connection, but the fact is you'd be paying roughly $200 to sit in the same general area. 

Throw in a parking pass, the pre-game media meal (no details on what the meal entails), a credential and access to the post-game presser and boom – one thousand dollars. 

Is it worth the cost? Probably not, unless you have plenty of money to spare.

It's nice to see various NHL teams, Nashville included, trying to embrace social media. However, this "opportunity" comes across as a cash grab as opposed to a genuine opportunity designed to engage with social media users. 

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