Mike Milbury slams Ovechkin, tells him to “act like a man”

Mike Milbury ripping on Alex Ovechkin isn't exactly a new thing. The NBC commentator seems to love calling out Ovechkin whenever he's given the opportunity. The second intermission between Washington and Philadelphia was no exception, as Milbury went on quite the rant about the struggling star.


Maybe aside from the unnecessary "act like a man" comment, Milbury is actually pretty accurate in his analysis. I know, I'm shocked I just wrote that too. 

Ovechkin is guilty of turning in poor efforts on a regular basis. There are guys in the NHL that take shifts off and then there's Alex Ovechkin, who seemingly takes entire games off. Milbury sums it up the best at the end of his rant saying, "It's disheartening to see a player with that kind of talent fall that short in terms of effort."

Well said. 

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