Marian Gaborik reacts to the Rangers firing Tortorella

It's no mystery that numerous players have had a difficult time playing under John Tortorella. The former head coach of the New York Rangers can be a difficult man to speak with, a lesson the media has learned several times over. His aggressive style might have led to his demise as fans and analysts speculate that Henrik Lundqvist's future with the Rangers might have been linked to Tortorella's future with the club. 

Shortly after the news about Tortorella's dismissal from the Rangers surfaced, former Ranger Marian Gaborik sent out a Tweet giving his thoughts on the situation.

A bit cryptic, but it doesn't take a very smart person to figure out who or what Gaborik is talking about. The current member of the Columbus Blue Jackets clearly wasn't a fan of Tortorella's coaching style and he believes that it's what caused the coach to be let go by the Rangers. 

In hindsight, this might shine some new light on the shocking trade that sent Gaborik to the Blue Jackets at the 2013 trade deadline. If Gaborik was unhappy with his coach – which appears to be the case – he might have requested a trade as opposed to just being dealt by his team. If this is how things went down, it's safe to assume the Rangers might have been afraid keeping Tortorella employed might cost them their prized goaltender.

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