Kovalchuk thinks Varlamov should reunite with his accuser so she can get a green card

Ilya Kovalchuk is once again making headlines in North America despite the fact he's no longer skating in the NHL. The KHL forward had some rather interesting (read: dumb) comments about Semyon Varlamov and his domestic abuse case. 

We'll let the comment seen on R-Sport speak for itself:

I hope to God it all pans out well and maybe he can somehow reach an agreement with his princess and finally she’d be given a green card, which she really wants.

Wow. Kovalchuk either thinks all of the arguments between Varlamov and his ex are over a green card or he's completely oblivious to the severity of the story. Maybe both. Kovalchuk's comments are just the latest from Russia which completely downplay the domestic abuse charges.

Kovalchuk added that Russia's stars "are all supporting" Varlamov as the goaltender waits for his court date in January.


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