Kaspars Daugavins gets creative in the shootout

Kaspars Daugavins got pretty creative with his shootout attempt against the Boston Bruins. The Ottawa forward's attempt got the crowd buzzing prior to the whistle even being blown as it became apparent that he would be trekking the puck down the ice with the toe of his stick. 

His move culminated in a beautiful spin-o-rama, all without touching the puck with his stick's blade. Perhaps more impressively was that Boston goaltender Tuukka Rask hung with him and stopped what might have been the best shootout attempt so far in 2013. 

If the move seems familiar it's because Daugavins performed the same bit of wonder successfully back in the AHL in 2010. 

By the look on his face below you can tell just how close he was to pulling the move off. 

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