Joe Thornton would pull something out and stroke it if he scored 4 goals

Tomas Hertl has received plenty of unnecessary criticism for his nifty fourth goal against the New York Rangers. Apparently some people thought Hertl was showboating when he pulled the puck between his legs and lifted it over Martin Biron. 

What does Joe Thornton think about the situation? Well, the San Jose forward revealed that if he scored four goals he'd unzip his pants, pull something out and stroke it. 

From The Province comes this rather interesting quote from Thornton after he heard the media asking Patrick Marleau about Hertl's goal. 

Some NSFW language: 

Shut up, have you ever played the game? I’d have my cock out if I scored four goals. I’d have my cock out, stroking it.
So…there you have it. Here's hoping Thornton never scores four goals. 
UPDATE: The Sharks aren't happy Thornton's comments were published. Game on!

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