Introducing the PDL newsletter and a “30 for 30” giveaway

Ready for another exciting announcement? Of course you are. We're proud to announce that PDL will soon have a regular newsletter which will bring our content straight to your inbox. In an effort to provide as many options as possible to our readers, the newsletter will allow you to digest our features at your convenience. Miss a story or some news? We'll deliver a digest to you each week along with some highlights from the Bloguin network. We promise we won't spam you or fill your inbox with images of Pierre McGuire. 

If you sign up you'll be entered into a drawing for an ESPN 30 for 30 Blu-ray set. Awesome, right? The 30 for 30 set includes "Kings Ransom", a fascinating look at Wayne Gretzky and his move from Edmonton to Los Angeles and numerous other interesting stories from the world of sports. 

Just sign up below and you'll automatically be entered into the drawing. Have a friend who might be interested? Let them know or harass your family into signing up to improve your 30 for 30 chances. 


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