Ilya Kovalchuk feels better playing in the KHL

It's been several months since Ilya Kovalchuk shocked the hockey world and abruptly announced his retirement from the NHL. Since then Kovalchuk has played in the KHL and we've only mentioned him in passing.

So, how are things going for Kovalchuk? Pretty well. In a report seen on, Kovalchuk revealed that it "feels better" playing in the KHL due to his close proximity to family and friends. 

Yes, I feel better here with my family. I’m so close with my mother and my sister and in Russia I have a lot of friends.

Does he still follow the Devils? You bet. 

I usually watch just the highlights on the internet. Now they’re doing much better.

The Devils are performing better of late and one of the key contributors has been Jaromir Jagr. Some fans and analysts may be surprised by Jagr's performance this season, but Kovalchuk isn't one of them. 

He’s an excellent player, one of the best in the world. I’m sure that for the guys on the team there are a lot of positive things he can bring.

Kovalchuk added that he hopes Jagr will win the Cup for the Devils. It's nice to see Kovalchuk support the team he abandoned, I guess. There are still plenty of rumors suggesting that Kovalchuk will eventually return to the NHL, but for now he's happy and enjoying his time in the KHL. 

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