Hybrid icing approved for 2013-14

Hybrid icing has been approved for the 2013-14 season. Bill Daly told NHL Live that hybrid icing has been approved by both the NHL and the NHLPA and will be in effect starting Tuesday for the league's first games of the year. 

This is an extremely interesting story. You might recall that there was speculation that the NHLPA would vote against hybrid icing, but it appears the majority voted in favor of the rule change. 

The clear winner here is the safety of the players. No longer will players hurl themselves toward the boards to beat out an icing call. Instead, players will race to the face-off dot. The official will then judge who would have theoretically reached the puck first and will either blow the play dead or allow it to continue. There will be disputed and blown calls (this is the NHL, remember?), but it will be worth it to protect the players and prevent serious injuries (Joni Pitkanen). 

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