Hockey Fights of the Week: 3/11 – 3/17

It's always fun when two teams face each other multiple times in the same week. Typically, tempers and emotions run high and gloves hit the ice. 

This was the case when Toronto and Winnipeg met twice last week, skating on Tuesday and Saturday. Round one saw Colton Orr upset Chris Thorburn when he continued to throw punches even after he was out of his sweater. The second round saw Thorburn seeking revenge. 

Which fighter emerged the victor in this Orr-Thorburn mini-series? 

5. Jordin Tootoo (DET) vs. Mike Brown (EDM) – March 15

This was a difficult fight to judge, but we give a slight edge to Brown simply because it appeared he landed more punches during a pretty level fight. Give credit to Tootoo for getting back up after falling to his knees early in the altercation.

4. Colton Orr (TOR) vs. Chris Thorburn (WPG) – March 12

Round one. Orr and Thorburn check in at the fourth spot, but this won't be the last time you hear from them. You may never see another fight that has so many reckless punches thrown, most of which missed their target (Like this one which missed by a few feet). By the end of the fight, Orr had swung himself almost completely out of his jersey, a move that angered Thorburn as he believed the fight should have ended since Orr had a distinct advantage. 

3. Chris Thorburn (WPG) vs. Colton Orr (TOR) – March 16

Round two. Thorburn was seeking revenge after he believed Orr broke one of the unwritten rules of hockey by throwing punches without his sweater. Thorburn only had to wait four days until he had the opportunity to show Orr exactly what he thought of his behavior in their previous altercation. 

On paper, this plan probably looked pretty good in the eyes of Thorburn. However, when it came to the actual execution, something went awry and Orr ended up besting Thorburn in a bout for the second time in a week. 

2. Mike Rupp (MIN) vs. Patrick Bordeleau (COL) – March 16

Bordeleau is a rookie with some guts. Here he takes on Rupp, a man with some 10 years of NHL experience. After starting out on the wrong end of the fight, Bordeleau battled back, earning an impressive draw against the veteran. This is one rookie fighter you'll probably be hearing about for years to come. 

1. Chris Neil (OTT) vs. Robyn Regehr (BUF) – March 16

Defense is usually optional when it comes to fights in the NHL. The best and most memorable fights are the ones where both men are throwing punches with little regard for their own personal safety. The objective is to land more punches than the opponent lands on you. Simple.

This was the case in the Neil-Regehr tilt. Both men threw bombs and held their own in this one, which is pretty impressive when you consider Neil is the much more experienced fighter. 

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