Hockey Fights of the Week: 2/4 – 2/10

Welcome to the third installment of Hockey Fights of the Week! 

It was a bit tricky selecting this week's best scraps. There were plenty of fights to choose from, but the vast majority were pretty average. In some cases, neither fighter landed a punch before tumbling to the ice. Of course, there was also the "finger-gate" or "biteroversy" incident which was more of a schoolyard squabble than it was an actual fight. 

5. Tanner Glass (PIT) vs. Matt Martin (NYI) – Feb. 5

Tanner Glass might have landed a punch while his jersey was pulled over his head. That's impressive. 

4. Gregory Campbell (BOS) vs. Patrick Kaleta (BUF) – Feb. 10

Gregory Campbell bit off way more than he could chew. It's pretty humorous seeing Patrick Kaleta ask the officials to stop the fight before it starts, only to be ignored, forcing Kaleta to light up Campbell with a flurry of punches. 

3. Brad Staubitz (ANH) vs. Patrick Bordeleau (COL) – Feb. 6

What's with all the fights taking place within the first couple minutes of the game starting? Hockey fights are the best when they occur naturally in the wild, not when they're staged before a draw. Brad Staubitz probably wishes he hadn't orchestrated this one.

2. Steve Begin (CGY) vs. Jordin Tootoo (DET) – Feb. 5

Another example of a fight breaking out unnaturally early in a game. At least this was a good exchange.

1. B.J. Crombeen (TB) vs. Zac Rinaldo (PHI) – Feb. 5

It should come as no surprise that the Crombeen – Rinaldo tilt tops our list. The fight featured plenty of controversy when Rinaldo broke one of the unwritten rules of hockey by swinging at Crombeen as he was falling to the ice. The incident also had plenty of quotes off the ice that ruffled feathers. 

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