Hockey Fights of the Week: 2/25 – 3/3

It's that time again. Welcome back to Hockey Fights of the Week, the weekly series that features the best and most memorable fights that you might have missed from the week that was. This week we feature an odd scrap between Stephen Weiss and Justin Faulk where the two fighters seemed to take a break from throwing punches as well as a fun battle between Mike Brown and Tye McGinn. 

5. Stephen Weiss (FLA) vs. Justin Faulk (CAR) – Mar. 2

The Weiss – Faulk fight wasn't a particularly good one, but it makes the 5th spot on our list due to the strange break the two fighters seemed to take right in the middle of their tussle. Were they checking their equipment? What were they saying? The whole scene was rather bizarre. 

4. Tom Sestito (VAN) vs. Brian McGrattan (CGY) – Mar. 3

This is the first of two fights involving Tom Sestito in this week's list. Unfortunately for Sestito, his fight with Calgary's Brian McGrattan was pretty lopsided. Despite being called the "Main Event" by the announcing team, this fight left a lot to be desired. Well, unless you enjoy seeing Sestito get his clock cleaned. It's also sad to see McGrattan earn a 10-minute penalty for saluting the crowd, an action that shouldn't be penalized.

3. Jordan Nolan (LA) vs. Tom Sestito (VAN) – Mar. 2

Tom Sestito faired a bit better in this fight against Jordan Nolan than he did in the one above with Brian McGrattan. To be fair, Jordan Nolan appeared to land a few punches but his slow start forces us to give Sestito the "W". 

2. Kyle Chipchura (PHX) vs. Dale Weise (VAN) – Feb. 26

Three of the top-5 fights this week include a member of the Vancouver Canucks. We promise there's no bias here and that's just how things worked out this week. In the Chipchura – Weise bout, both men landed punches in a fight that we'd be forced to call a draw. 

1. Mike Brown (TOR) vs. Tye McGinn (PHI) – Feb. 25

Our top fight this week is a spirited contest between Mike Brown and Tye McGinn. It wasn't a spectacular scrap, especially compared to the Thornton – Benn tilt last week, but it was a balanced battle that saw the two fighters fall to the ice and get back up several times in order to keep throwing punches.

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