Hockey Fights of the Week: 2/18 – 2/24

In our fifth installment of Hockey Fights of the Week (you can find the other four linked below), we feature a terrific fight between Wayne Simmonds and Tanner Glass as well as an All-Star bout between Joe Thornton and Jamie Benn that still has the hockey world buzzing. Which fight won the top spot in this week's column? Find out after the jump.

5. Anthony Peluso (WIN) vs. Krys Barch (NJD) – Feb. 24

We've been critical of fights that break out in the opening couple minutes of a hockey game. They feel unnatural and lack that genuine emotion which can turn an average hockey fight into an epic hockey fight. Check out the fans during this bout between Peluso and Barch. They're mostly sitting in their seats, silently. It was a good tussle between Peluso and Barch, but the atmosphere surrounding the fight seems off because this altercation was more of the scripted variety as opposed to the natural variety. 

4. Adam Hall (TB) vs. Joe Vitale (PIT) – Feb. 24

Joe Vitale threw some pretty angry punches at Adam Hall while eluding most of Hall's responses. Vitale may not drop the gloves too often, but this was a nice showing from the Pittsburgh forward. 

3. Zack Kassian (VAN) vs. Antoine Roussel (DAL) – Feb. 21

Zack Kassian wins this fight with relative ease. Kassian is guilty of throwing several punches while Roussel has his jersey over his head, but prior to that we saw an intense 10 seconds of hockey mayhem at its best. 

2. Wayne Simmonds (PHI) vs. Tanner Glass (PIT) – Feb. 20

Philadelphia and Pittsburgh aren't too fond of one another. Need proof? Watch the battle between Simmonds and Glass above. In a normal week, this fight would probably be worthy of taking the top spot, but thanks to Thornton and Benn's masterpiece, it'll have to settle for the second spot. 

1. Joe Thornton (SJ) vs. Jamie Benn (DAL) – Feb. 23

Get your popcorn! The Thornton – Benn fight that everyone is talking about checks in at the top spot of this week's article. The emotion, intensity and buildup are all present in a fight that features both men landing big punches. Thornton might walk away the winner from this scrap, but both men should be applauded for putting on such a good show. 

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