Hockey Fights of the Week: 12/2 – 12/8

Welcome to this year's 10th edition of Hockey Fights of the Week. This installment is a bit marred by the renewed debate over fighting after the Thornton-Orpik debacle. While that incident was horrible, it's important to remember that it wasn't a fight and it doesn't really belong in the same conversation as the scraps below. 

With that, enjoy some outstanding fights!

5. Anthony Peluso (WIN) vs Justin Falk (NYR) – Dec 2

This week's list starts with a bang. Falk didn't throw many punches – a bold strategy – and received a beating from Peluso. This one ended a bit prematurely due to Falk's sweater pulling up over his head, but that saved him from an even bigger embarrassment.

 4. Rich Clune (NSH) vs Tom Wilson (WAS) – Dec 7

Clune may have underestimated his younger opponent. While this bout wasn't completely lopsided, most of Clune's punches appeared to miss or glance off of Wilson's helmet. On the flip side, Wilson landed at least a few of the punches he threw and proved that he's a youngster you don't want to mess with. 

3. Jay Rosehill (PHI) vs Mike Rupp (MIN) – Dec 2

This fight is fast and vicious. Unfortunately, Rupp's uniform pulls up over his head and ends this one a bit prematurely. Despite it's extremely short length, this was still an extremely entertaining battle. We might have discussed this fight at the end of the year as one of the season's best had it lasted just a bit longer. 

2. Patrick Bordeleau (COL) vs Luke Gazdic (EDM) – Dec 5

We've often described Bordeleau as one of the best fighters in the NHL. He's usually on the winning side of things when he drops the mitts. That is until he dropped them against Gazdic. The Edmonton winger doesn't have the reach of Bordeleau, but he's able to get in close and pummel Bordeleau with several brutal shots. 

1. Antoine Roussel (DAL) vs Andrew Shaw (CHI) – Dec 3

This fight is incredible. It also has a pretty bizarre ending. First, it's always interesting watching a fight where the two combatants throw alternating punches. Roussel punches with his left, Shaw with his right. As the fight intensifies, the officials step in because Shaw's jersey slipped over his head. Despite the officials stepping in, this fight still lasted another 10 seconds and it looks like the men in charge took a few blows as well. 

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The 15 best hockey fights from 2012-13.

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