Hockey Fights of the Week: 10/21 – 10/27

Last week's edition of Hockey Fights of the Week featured several lopsided bouts. If your thirst for beatings was quenched last week, you'll be happy to know things are bit more balanced this week. Ready to judge some close scraps? Of course you are. 

5. Brandon Mashinter (NYR) vs Wayne Simmonds (PHI) – Oct 24

This fight has some pretty incredible moments. First, it took a pretty long time to develop. Simmonds threw several punches before even dropping his mitts. Once things got rolling, Simmonds tumbled to the ice, stood up and knocked Mashinter's helmet off like something you'd see in a cartoon. 

4. Zack Kassian (VAN) vs Chris Stewart (STL) – Oct 25

Stewart has struggled offensively and we imagine he's probably pretty frustrated. Here he unleashes some of that frustration on poor Kassian. Other fights in this week's installment are close, but Stewart is the clear winner in this one. 

3. Eric Nystrom (NSH) vs Nate Prosser (MIN) – Oct 22

Now this is an even fight. You might be able to give a slight edge to Prosser, but overall both men came up swinging in this one and it's difficult to assign a winner. These are the types of fights we love to see: balanced and incredibly fun to watch. 

2. Christopher Breen (CGY) vs Lane MacDermid (DAL) – Oct 24

The announcers win this fight. If only we had this type of passion from the booth on a regular basis. Give credit to MacDermid for battling a larger opponent and to Breen for his final blow, but the voices describing the fight are the clear winners. 

1. Jay Rosehill (PHI) vs Eric Boulton (NYI) – Oct 26

Rosehill throws more punches out of the gate, but Boulton wisely absorbs them before countering. Say what you will about fighting in the NHL, but there's definitely a science to it. Boulton uses his experience and intelligence against the larger Rosehill and narrowly emerges as the victor. 

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