Hockey Fights of the Week: 1/21 – 1/27

Welcome to the newest feature at Puck Drunk Love – Hockey Fights of the Week. Each week we'll take a look back through the past seven days and try to weed out the best, and sometimes the worst, fights that took place in the NHL. With so many games taking place, it's easy to miss a fight or two. Our goal is to recap what you might have missed when it comes to mitts hitting the ice. 

Sit back and relax – We're here to quench your thirst for NHL altercations.

A big "Thank you" in advance to Hockey Fights, our #1 resource for hockey fight videos.

These lists are subjective. If you disagree with our rankings or if you think we missed a fight that deserves some credit, leave a comment below. 

5. Chris Stewart (STL) vs Brandon Bollig (CHI) – January 22nd

We'll admit, this list is pretty subjective. Some weeks, like this one, it's tough to select five clear fights that deserve to be listed. The Stewart/Bollig fight wasn't overly impressive but we like to see the bit of sportsmanship at the end of their tilt. 


4. Zack Kassian (VAN) vs Ryane Clowe (SJS) – January 27th

Considering the Sharks are leading nearly every statistic in the NHL, it's only appropriate we feature a Shark in our countdown. Clowe wins this one easily. 

3. Kris Newbury (NYR) vs Tye McGinn (PHI) – January 24th

Points off for Newbury starting this fight without McGinn dropping his gloves. At least the youngster, McGinn, more than held his own after he finally dropped the mitts. 

2. Aaron Volpatti (VAN) vs Matt Belesky (ANH) – January 25th

Say what you will about fights that occur shortly after the game has started or right off the face-off (they're dumb), this fight was at least worthy of stopping play for. You've got to love the fights where neither player seems too concerned about his face if it means landing another blow on his opponent. 

1. Colton Orr (TOR) vs Deryk Engelland (PIT) – January 23rd

A spirited, lengthy bout which featured both players landing big blows, this Orr/Engelland scrap was a lock for best scrap of the week.

Thank you for joining us for the first "Hockey Fights of the Week". We hope to make this a regular feature here at PDL and hope you'll consider voicing your opinion on our rankings in the comments below.

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