GIF: Zdeno Chara makes a huge save in the final minutes of Game 4

The Boston Bruins were desperately trying to hold on to a 1-0 lead late in Game 4. The Pittsburgh Penguins were finally generating strong offensive chances, throwing countless pucks toward Tuukka Rask's net. With just over a minute to go, Evgeni Malkin fired a shot at what appeared to be an empty net. Cue Zdeno Chara's tree branch arms. Chara's hand stops the puck, preserving Boston's lead and give Pittsburgh the boot from the 2013 playoffs. 

This is an incredible play. Chara swiped blindly at the puck with his left arm while he is facing the net. He had no idea Malkin is shooting, but he tried to throw any body part he could in front of the gaping net. For his efforts, Chara was rewarded with what appears to be a knee to the head. The result was a lucky one, but you need a lot of luck to make a successful run at the Cup. 

(H/T Reddit Hockey)

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