GIF: Joffrey Lupul elbows his teammate in the head

Toronto's Joffrey Lupul tried to elbow Vancouver's Henrik Sedin in the head as he skated by the Maple Leafs' net. Instead of catching Sedin, Lupul landed a crushing blow on teammate Nazem Kadri. While we're not sure what Lupul was trying to accomplish, Sedin is lucky to have avoided the hit and Kadri is lucky to escape this hit without a serious injury.

Lupul may have been targeting Sedin's shoulder with his elbow, but his intent doesn't look good. It's safe to say Lupul was frustrated by his team's play during a 4-0 defeat, but his attempted hit wasn't warranted. His senseless decision practically decapitated his teammate and the Maple Leafs are extremely lucky Kadri is healthy.

(H/T Reddit Hockey)

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