Evander Kane fails to report to Jets camp early, people freak out

The Canadian Rockies don't have nothin' on Winnipeg's latest molehill. Evander Kane, frequent focus of manufactured controversy (see: cash brick phone), is apparently up to no good again. His crime? Not reporting to Jets training camp… three days early.

Seriously? This is what you have to cover, Winnipeg Sun? The new NHL season is starting up, finally the lockout's over, and you're fruiting up that a player hasn't come to camp yet when camp hadn't even started?

Considering he’s only a three-hour flight away in Vancouver, some are wondering why he still wasn’t on the ice in Winnipeg on Thursday, although it’s believed he will be there on Friday. Captain Andrew Ladd used Twitter earlier this week to poke some fun at his teammate, asking where he was.

Horrors. He's but a three hour flight away, and he's not shown up to something that hasn't started yet? The nerve of some people! You know… like Kyle Wellwood, who also wasn't at camp at the time of the article being posted. I'm sure that there are comment sections full of contempt for Wellwood, the lazy so-and-so.

No? Just comments like these about Kane? Well then.


Professional athletes need to be able to handle criticism. It's not like it's unwarranted in Kane's case. He's an arrogant kid that wants to play on a team that has a chance at winning the cup and, unfortunately, it's not here.
He needs to focus, play hard and earn his big coin and then he'll gain the respect of Jets fans.


He doesn't want to play here and it's quite obvious. They need to trade him immediately. He's not worth 1/2 of what they are paying him. And, he got cut from his KHL team.

Pregnant First Lady Divine
Seriously, not impressed. Just had a 9 month vacation, and he can't show up? When are the fans going to get on his back? Or the coaches. Last year he had a LuLuLemon symbol shaved on his head. He's flakey as hell

considering that there are hundreds of hopefuls who would die to be just asked to camp never mind have wads of dough for playing a game they have loved since being a tyke… If I knew Kane I might be different, but he is so indifferent and on his own time …. da da dada…. Okay so mandatory training starts Sunday… so, players complained during the strike of how much they missed the intensity of regular training and games the same ones Kane is obviously going to avoid at all cost. Guess the what 6 mil just wasn't enough. Chevy better have ear plugs in on opening night cause when that #9 hits the ice all hell is going to erupt. He'll be sure play the child and whimper and whine that he's not appreciated. Afterall, he is just an average to good player thus far and probably well over paid. He's never really set the ice on flames yet! Heck I'd sanction a trade for Kovalchuk in a heart beat.

Thankfully there are quite a few comments either telling folks that they're being ignorant or comments from people flat out saying "if you hate him, send him to our team." I realize that the comment section is a small sample size, but Twitter's also been abuzz with people complaining yet again about Evander Kane in a manufactured controversy.

If some people are frustrated with their 21-year-old, 30-goal scorer with a reasonable cap hit, then maybe they need to evaluate why he bothers them so much. Is it because they're not intelligent hockey fans, or is it just something more?

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