ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith believes ties still exist in hockey

ESPN is heavily criticized for their hockey coverage, or lack of hockey coverage. When the network actually covers the sport, it's usually basic, uninspiring "analysis" on the NHL's big stories and big teams. The network does the bare minimum in order to still call themselves the worldwide leader in sports.

Stephen A. Smith was asked about the Chicago Blackhawks' incredible point streak and his answer was worthy of ESPN's ridiculously sad attempt at covering hockey. Smith judged the streak was unimpressive because the team had tied three games. They did?

Before we berate Smith's ignorant response, it's worth noting that the question of which streak was more impressive, the Miami Heat's 14 consecutive wins or Chicago's streak of points in 22 consecutive games, is a pretty flawed debate topic from the start. The streaks are apples and oranges, if you will. Both are impressive yet you really can't compare the two.

That point aside, Smith ranted and ranted about how Chicago's streak isn't impressive in the least because of ties. Ties? What ties? The last tie in the NHL happened on April 4th, 2004. Using some basic math, Smith's response is outdated by roughly nine years

If Smith mentioned ties once or even twice, we might give him a pass for just being a typical uninformed ESPN analyst. Instead, he pushes and pushes his point, blissfully ignorant of actual facts. Smith even mentions that he wasn't aware that Columbus had a team. Here he's about 13 years behind the times as the Blue Jackets were founded in 2000.

Embarrassing? Extremely. Surprising? Hardly, as this is what all hockey fans have come to expect from ESPN.

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