Dustin Byfuglien’s weight is headed in the right direction

Dustin Byfuglien's weight is a topic the hockey community discusses nearly every summer. Like clockwork, Byfuglien's weight rises along with the summer temperatures before dropping during the regular season. The 2012-13 season broke that trend as Byfuglien's weight topped out over 300 pounds during the course of the regular season. 

Now it appears Byfuglien is trying to get his weight back on the right track. A report indicates that the defenseman has lost 30 pounds and is making a conscious effort to slim down for the 2013-14 campaign. 

How is it possible for a hockey player to gain weight and top out over 300 pounds during the physically demanding NHL season? We have no idea. It defies logic and common sense. Byfuglien's size is one of his best assets as a defenseman, but there comes a point where his size begins to cut down on his mobility. Byfuglien and the Jets hope he can find a happy medium – one which probably lies somewhere in the mid-200s. 

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