Daniel Sedin didn’t really pull out his tooth

You might remember that earlier this week Daniel Sedin was the victim of a high stick courtesy of Jake Muzzin. It appeared that Daniel pulled his own tooth out to show the ref, and many were puzzled by the fact that it wasn't a four minute minor. Witness the penalty:


Ow. Turns out there is a perfectly good reason Muzzin did not get four minutes – it wasn't Daniel's tooth. It was a cap. From The Province:

There were many left confused when Daniel Sedin was high sticked Monday. He showed the ref his resulting broken tooth but failed to draw a four-minute penalty.
What gives?
Turns out, Daniel wasn’t showing the official a broken tooth, he was showing him a cap that had slipped off and explaining to the ref he should not call a double minor as a result.
“I was surprised it had stayed on there for two years,” Daniel said.
Wow, that's some serious honesty there from Sedin – very nice to see.

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