Dallas Stars unveil new logo and uniforms

The Dallas Stars finally unveiled their new logo and uniforms. At home the Stars will sport a rich green sweater with white and black accents. On the road they'll wear a white sweater with black and green accents. Their new logo is a white "D" with a white star behind it. This logo will be on the front of both the home and away uniform and will also appear in a small circular patch on the shoulders of the sweater.

The reaction to the new sweaters has been mixed. Most fans seem to enjoy the new uniforms and the new color scheme. Unfortunately, the new logo has been met with mostly negative reviews. 

Let's first give credit to the Stars for giving the team a new look after weeks of teasing that big things were coming. They could have easily pulled a Carolina Hurricanes and made some minor changes that we've all seen before. At the very least the Stars actually went and made some changes. 

Dallas' new logo needs some work. It just doesn't fit the overall scheme of the uniform. In fact, it looks like the logo of a minor league baseball team or even an Arena Football League team. The logo doesn't scream hockey. 

With those negative comments out of the way, the rest of the uniform is pretty solid. The colors selected are a big improvement on Dallas' old scheme which was dominated by white and black. It's nice to see the organization try to separate itself from the rest of the league instead of taking the easy way out and adopting the look and feel of another team.

If you forgot what the Dallas Stars used to look like, here's a photo from this past season.

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