CSN Bay Area announcers bash Vancouver’s Green Men

CSN Bay Area announcers Drew Remenda and Randy Hahn aren't very fond of Vancouver's Green Men. If you're unfamiliar with the Green Men, they're Canucks fans who sit in green Spandex suits near the opponent's penalty box in the Rogers Arena. The've received plenty of praise for their taunts which to date have involved waffles, a handstand, and even an impressive magic trick. ESPN even did a short feature on the two men in green suits.

According to Remenda and Hahn, the two men must also live in their mom's basement, as seen in this video from Puck Daddy. They're also 40-year-old virgins. And they collect pot holders. And snow globes. And they're big gamers. 


Now that's professionalism at its finest. 

Most fans – even those outside of Vancouver – would agree that the Green Men are just two fans trying to have some fun. Their humor might not be up your alley, but they aren't harming anyone and they bring a unique element to Vancouver home games.

Remenda and Hahn's comments were heard by a large audience as NBC Sports Network ran their broadcast nationally. Hockey fans around the country were exposed to mainstream media guys again busting out the tired "he must live in his mom's basement" card which has become the battle cry of mainstream broadcasters and journalists whenever they see something they don't like or don't understand. 

At least these comments should give the Green Men plenty of new ideas for their next home game. Oh, and $5 says Hahn actually does have a collection of pot holders. 

Photo courtesy of Vancouver's official site

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