Coyotes to hold off on name change from Phoenix to Arizona

During the Glendale City Counsel meetings, the members often said "Arizona Coyotes." Some on Twitter pointed out, with snark, that name wasn't the name of the team; it's the Phoenix Coyotes. Duh. 

As part of the agreement with the new ownership group, the Coyotes were planning on changing from Phoenix to Arizona this season to reflect the fact that a) the team doesn't exactly play in Phoenix and b) that they're trying to cater to a wider audience. Kudos to the new membership group for trying to go after people located in cities that are not Phoenix, but I believe more than a name change is necessary. 

Re-branding so quickly was going to be an issue, and the team realized that. Sarah Miller of the Arizona Republic reports that the name change won't happen until the 2014-2015 season at the soonest, and it may take longer than that. It looks like we'll be able to stick with the Phoenix Coyotes for a little longer in more ways than one. 

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