Carl Soderberg is refusing to play for Sweden in the World Championships (UPDATED)

The Carl Soderberg Story is getting more and more frustrating for the Boston Bruins. Since acquiring the rights to him from the St. Louis Blues for Hannu Toivonen, the Bruins have been patiently waiting for the chance to buy him out of his Swedish contract. They had to wait until his team, Linkoping HC, was eliminated from the playoffs to carry out the buyout. Most expected it would get rid of any barriers preventing the big center from coming to the NHL. The Bruins attempted to work out a deal with the Swedish Elite League, but to no avail. They're blocking Soderberg from coming over to the NHL.

Soderberg, as it can be expected, is not happy about this development. He was the second-highest scorer in the SEL this season with 31 goals, and will be a huge asset to the Swedish team at the World Championships this summer. Well, in theory he would be, because right now he's a hold out. Soderberg won't play for the Swedish National Team as long as the Swedish Federation is blocking him from going to the Boston Bruins. This is an issue for Tre Kronor, because I would assume that they'd like the Elite League's elite to actually play.

EDIT: Apparently boycotts do work:





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