Capitals and Rangers continue to argue despite the fact their series is over

It's rare that a playoff series gets more intense after the series has been completed and one team has advanced to the next round. Such has been the case between the New York Rangers and the Washington Capitals, two teams which battled in the first round and continue to argue despite New York moving on and Washington hitting the golf course. New York emerged victorious after seven games, but that fact hasn't prevented the two sides from exchanging some heated comments through various media interviews. 

Earlier this week, Rangers coach John Tortorella revealed that he believed the Washington Capitals were whining and that this mindset might have cost them the series. As you might expect, the Washington Capitals weren't very pleased with these comments. Washington coach Adam Oates responded and his comments only added more fuel to the fire. 

When questioned about Tortorella's comments on Washington whining, Oates said:


"Well, I think he’s out of line. He should be worrying about his own series. We didn’t whine once during the series. I never complained. Did you guys ever hear me complain about officiating?

All [complaining] we did, after Game 7. No one complained before any game. I met with the supervisor before Game 7. You meet with the supervisor before every single game. We never complained about anything.”

Oates has a point. Washington's comments about the officiating didn't surface until after the series was completed. 

As if the whole situation wasn't heated enough, Oates was asked if he would win in a one-on-one fight with Tortorella. He responded, "Easily."

Aren't you glad these two teams will be divisional foes next year thanks to the new alignment? Those should be some fun games after all of this bickering. Also, who doesn't want to see Oates and Tortorella battle

(H/T Washington Post)

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