Canadian singer butchers the National Anthem prior to the Memorial Cup

Want to hear one of the worst attempts at the Star-Spangled Banner you'll ever hear? Of course you do. As the Portland Winterhawks and Halifax Mooseheads (don't you love CHL team names?) waited to drop the puck for the 2013 Memorial Cup, fans and players were treated to arguably the most uncomfortable, most awkward and most hilarious attempt at the U.S. National Anthem in sports history. Canadian singer Alexis Normand successfully sang "O Canada" before trying her hand at the anthem of the United States.

Oh my. We've heard awkward pauses before, but adding in words, slurring words and fabricating words is a new one. Credit to the fans for trying to cheer her on and even singing the anthem in an attempt to get her back on track. 

Normand took to Twitter to apologize for her efforts and to thank the crowd for helping her through the ordeal. We feel for her, but we can't help but laugh at one of the most memorable anthem renditions we've ever heard.

(H/T Deadspin)

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