Adam Burish and Oliver Ekman-Larsson get into a compromising position

Buzzfeed published these masterful gifs from Monday night's 4-0 Sharks win over the stumbling Phoenix Coyotes. Awesome saves? No. Sweet dekes? Nope. It was something more unexpected… and awkward.

Call it yoga. Call it something out of the Kama Sutra. Call it whatever you want, but you must at least call it unique. The video explains how they wound up in this position a bit better.

Oliver Ekman-Larsson falls over Adam Burish, and in his attempt to get up, just clamps down on his head somehow. That's the how. The why? I've never seen someone try to stand up like that in my life, on or off of skates.

Here's hoping that Ekman-Larsson at least sent Burish a text message the next morning.

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