The plan for a virtual 2012-13 season during the NHL lockout

The NHL lockout hasn't claimed any regular season games – yet. Based on the current negotiations, or lack of negotiations, it's completely plausible that the entire 2012-13 season could be wiped off the map. In the event of such a scenario, a trusty band of hockey fans have banded together to ensure a 2012-13 season happens in at least one form. 

A group over at Reddit Hockey (a fun community to follow) created the idea of simulating the entire 2012-13 season on NHL 13. By having the computer play itself, the entire 2012-13 season could unfold in the virtual world of the user's Xbox or PS3. It might sound like a silly idea – fine, it is – but it might be the only NHL action we see this season. 

One user even decided to take the concept a step further, with the idea of implementing a blog that would focus purely on the 2012-13 simulation. Major trade between teams? Full analysis. Division rivalry coming up in the imaginary world? They'll check out the ins and outs of what to expect prior to pressing the "Simulate" button. 

Honestly, it's a novel idea by a group of starved, and probably very bored, hockey fans. At the end of the day it would be someone writing about an imaginary season that's being played by a computer within a video game. It might not be for everyone but it probably would offer a chance for people to read analysis about the notoriously odd trades the CPU engine is prone to making. Teemu Selanne traded to the Florida Panthers? Only in the virtual 2012-13. 

If this concept/idea gains traction or gets off the ground, we'll post an updated story in the coming weeks. While we give credit to the minds behind it for coming up with a unique way to kill off their lockout blues, we'll hold out hope that the NHL and NHLPA eventually come to their senses – preferably before we're forced to write about a virtual 2013-14 season too. 

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