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Jessica Ghawi, also known as @JessicaRedField on Twitter, was one of the victims of the devastating theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado. Ghawi, 24, had moved to Colorado in order to further pursue her dream of becoming a sports reporter / sports journalist. She shared an immense love of the sport of hockey – a feeling that you most likely share if you’re visiting this site.

The Jessica RedField Sports Journalism Fund has been created to assist another aspiring sports reporter through school in Jessica’s name.

According to the site, this is the official fund on behalf of Jessica’s family. Jessica worked several jobs and had recently moved to Colorado to save money in order to continue to pursue her dream of sports reporting. Now you can donate and help another aspiring reporter take a step towards their dream by making a donation. 

As of the time this article was written over 100 individuals had donated to the Jessica RedField Sports Journalism Fund. The total had already surpassed $6,000 with an ultimate goal of $20,000. With roughly 120 days remaining in the collection period, the fund should have no problem reaching its goal. 

UPDATE – 7/24/12 – 5:22pm EST – The fund has swelled to an amazing total of $18,000. The fund has received donations from all over and has been covered in various articles all across the Internet. It’s times like these that truly do the community proud.

UPDATE – 7/24/2012 – 9:21pm EST – The $20,000 goal has been shattered. The Anschutz Entertainment Group, owners of the Los Angeles Kings and the LA Galaxy, showed tremendous generosity by donating $10,000. The fundraiser had a goal of reaching $20,000 in 120 days. With 119 days left the total pool already was at just under $25,000. 

Not interested in donating? We kindly ask you to spread a link to this article or a link to the donation site (here) to your friends and family. Jessica was an upcoming talent not only in the sports community but particularly in the hockey community. The hockey community prides itself as being a tight-knit group, especially through social media. Fans have regularly stood up for one another and helped one another out all through the love of the game. This is another chance for the community as a whole to stand as one and make the best of a truly horrific situation. 

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