Scott Hartnell wants your vote for EA’s NHL 13 cover contest

Earlier this month we wrote about how EA’s NHL 13 would feature a player on the cover selected by the fans in a March Madness style bracket. Some players have taken it to heart, waging war against their fellow competitors in an effort to get their mug on the cover for all fans to see. 

Scott Hartnell took things a step further and honestly, we shouldn’t be surprised. Hartnell released a video where he asks for your vote for EA’s cover set to the style of a standard political commercial. In the spot, Hartnell dons a coat and tie and offers examples of why he is the ideal choice for the NHL 13 cover. The end result is pure entertainment.

Your opinion of Hartnell will vary greatly depending on which NHL team you side with. Those feelings aside, it’s impossible to ignore some of the great work he has done away from the rink. In terms of charity work, few have Hartnell beat as he took a running joke on the Internet based on how often he falls to the ice (Hartnell down!) and turned it into a big charity movement. Fans can buy shirts based on the ideal of Hartnell tumbling to the ice with all the proceeds going to charity. He also ran a similar event where he would donate money to charity based on how many times he fell down during the All-Star Game.

Now Hartnell again makes noise away from the rink with a fun spot asking for your vote for EA’s NHL 13 cover. Hartnell delivers his message well, making light of the fact that he is constantly sprawling on the ice, often wiping out opposing players or even teammates.

It’s fitting that even in something like the EA cover contest, Hartnell is trying his best. Fans of the Flyers have grown accustomed to seeing him hustle up and down the ice, giving his all each and every shift. Few NHL players turn in more physically demanding shifts as often as Hartnell does.

Will Hartnell’s spot sway your vote or will your NHL allegiances force you to vote elsewhere? 


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