Ovechkin shatters KHL glass with his head

Alex Ovechkin is known for delivering some pretty big hits in the NHL. However, few rival the crushing blow his head delivered on an unsuspecting piece of KHL glass this weekend.

After delivering a rather innocent check, Ovechkin's momentum carried him backward into the boards. The end result? Ovechkin's head – 1, pane of glass – 0. Thankfully, it appears no one in attendance was injured as there wasn't any seating right on top of the boards as we're accustomed to seeing in the NHL. 

The video, as seen in Reddit Hockey and uploaded on the KHL's YouTube page, also shows that the KHL does things a bit differently in regards to their coverage. Following the hit Ovechkin leaves the ice and heads to the dressing room. Normally, that's where we're used to the video ending. Instead, we see Ovechkin removing equipment in the dressing room and having his hand worked on. Eat your heart out, NHL 24/7. 

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