Ottawa Senators sponsor PGA golfer Brad Fritsch

The Ottawa Senators have announced that they will be sponsoring PGA Tour member Brad Fritsch in 2013. Fritsch will sport Ottawa's logo on both his shirt and on his golf bag while receiving "financial support" in return. 

The news, as seen on the team's official site, is humorous when you consider that Fritsch might have company on the links as he warms up for the 2013 PGA Tour as various NHL players attempt to kill time during the lockout. 

Fritsch mentioned that it would be both an honor and a pleasure to represent the NHL team he has been rooting for over the course of the last 20 years. 

Typically, hockey and golf are only connected when someone is ragging on a player for failing to make a deep playoff run. As a player, you want your golf game to start as deep into Spring as possible. The other obvious connection between the two sports is when something goes awry, like when a major defensive prospect (cough, Erik Johnson, cough) misses an entire season due to a golf cart accident.

Does the idea of a golfer being sponsored by a hockey club sound a bit odd to you? It's understandable if it does. It's not as if we see MLB teams or NFL teams sponsoring cyclists or marathon runners. One has to wonder what the Senators hope to gain in the partnership aside from a bit of PR. It's highly doubtful that someone watching the PGA Tour will suddenly have an interest in following the Senators after seeing the logos on Frisch's gear. 

Surprisingly, Ottawa isn't the only team with serious ties to golf. The Vancouver Canucks signed Adam Hadwin to a partnership back in May of this year. 

Photo courtesy of the Montreal Gazette

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